Orion Mart is a newly established convenient store at Nagarjun – 10, Syuchatar. Sales service of the Mart has officially begun from 5th December 2020. The Mart provides its service as groceries, foods and household supplies to customers through a dedicated team of management and staffs. We undoubtedly believe in customer service with fullest degree of integrity. Orion Mart trades quality products of variety of consumable goods at optimal price level. We are committed to provide diligent service to our valued customers. Exploration of local business opportunities and generation of more social benefits are our prime objectives. The mart has made a concerted effort to integrate varieties of quality products and brands which, we believe, triggers significant increases in local business and optimizes customers’ benefits relative to quality and cost. Moreover, we are planning to integrate manufacturing and logistics in some prominent production genre like bakery, dairy, local items of salable products and frozen meats. In the meantime, Orion Mart has a plan to expand its business as a vibrant network of convenience stores in different places of Kathmandu Valley and beyond.

Being ingrained in local communities is one of the guiding principles of Orion Mart medium-to-long-term growth scenario. By being deeply rooted in each local community and responding flexibly to its distinctive consumer behavior and events, we believe that the convenience stores run by Orion Mart will become indispensable and achieve significant differentiation. Recent years have seen remarkable advances in a range of information technologies and other digital apparatus. Realizing the great potentials of such technologies and devices, we are working with multiple digital systems to manage our daily business operations with great deal of efficiency and effective communication with our consumers to manage their consumption behavior aiming to maximize their satisfactions. Meanwhile, the greatest strength of our business is the points of contact with customers that ‘brick-and-mortar’ stores give us. We are strongly committed to do our business abiding with the law of the land and feel proud to be a good tax payer business entity in the country.

We believe on the fact that ‘customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business.’ We always welcome complains, suggestions, positive criticisms and feedbacks from our customers through available digital platforms and physical means and accept those as invaluable assets and enablers to promote customers’ welfare and satisfaction. It provides us a broad base to create a convenient and customer friendly shopping environment in our outlets.

Service available: 

  1. Smart payment
  2. Online shopping
  3. Doorstep service
  4. Varieties of products
  5. Corporate supply service
  6. Weekly/monthly household supply service

Our commitments:

  1. Business with integrity is our prime concern.
  2. We value your purse.
  3. We provide diligent service to our varuled costumers.
  4. We are dedicated to serve best quality products  with fair prices.

Exploration of local business opportunities’ is our  main objective.